Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Secondary Introduction

Central Texas seems to be on fire (several spots going and several spots that just got under control), and it is hard for me to concentrate on composing a post right now, so I'm going to use some material that is not completely new here.

A few weeks ago, a blogger whose site I comment on sometimes asked his commenters to introduce ourselves. He laid out a series of questions for us and then let it rip. I posted a near-thesis-sized response, as usual. It occurs to me that some of my five loyal readers might not even know these things. You've all spent some quality time with my spiritual struggles over mercy, forgiveness, and second chances. So it seems fair that you know some of the external details that make up "me".

Here is pretty much what I posted over at Charlie's site:

I was born in Lubbock, TX and raised in the Corpus Christi, TX area. I spent a semester of college at Worcester State College in Massachusetts, then back to the junior college in Corpus Christi. Dropped out and messed around for awhile. Got sober (celebrated 18 years July 2011) and went back to the JC. Transferred to Southwest Texas State (now just Texas State). Spent a year learning social work from atheists. Transferred as a senior to Lubbock Christian University (didn’t lose any credits) and spent a year learning social work from Christians. Going to both schools gave me a very interesting perspective on my profession. Wouldn’t trade that.
As a social worker, I have worked in HIV/AIDS, Early Childhood Intervention, public housing, and Information & Referral. I now push paper (or bytes) for contracts with the State of Texas. Would like to go back to the front line but can’t afford the pay cut.

I was raised in the Church of Christ (not Charlie’s, though I go there sometimes). I still attend the CoC sometimes or go to a non-denom that is affiliated with Willow Creek (Chicago) and follows their model. I struggle with my relationship with Christ, but I’m not inclined in any way to leave it (tried that once and things got messy).
What do I enjoy? Um…. reading. I went through an Amish romance phase last year, but I have moved on to mysteries. My newest favorite author is a Scottish mystery writer named Val McDermid (her books are not for the squeamish). My two favorite books outside of the Bible are The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. Oh, and I have some memory problems so I like to play puzzle games on the computer to keep me a little sharper.
I was adopted at birth. Including both my biological parents’ families and my adoptive family, it breaks out like this: I am the youngest of four, the oldest of three, and an only child. I have made contact with my biological family, but that is a long story for another day. (read a little snippet here)
I am a third wife to my first husband. I have never had children of my own. I married into three sons, three daughters-in-law, and fifteen grandchildren (I have "collected" a few more grandkids through some of the boys' exes). I have five little yappy dogs. My parents have lived with us our whole married life (all four years). We lost Mom in March of this year, so it just Daddy now. The siblings don’t live near us.
My favorite job of all time was working for Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation (what is a boll weevil? look here). I was once a bodyguard at a pro wrestling event. I like to jump out of perfectly good airplanes (see here). I have had a run-in with a large rattlesnake before and an escaped boa constrictor (not mine) once got in my garage. When I was little we had a pet turtle named Poncho.

My best friend is a Buddhist (she told me, but I forgot which flavor). 
I am very new to the blogging world (reading and writing). My blog only has about 60-some-odd posts so far. I tell more truth about myself than most people would dare. I don’t understand why people find that shocking sometimes. Telling you my truth is not hard. Admitting it to myself is the killer.
I had Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” on my wedding invitations. When I was asked to say “I do”, I turned around to my bridesmaids and asked for approval before answering. We also jumped a broom and did “The Wave” at my wedding. At the wedding rehearsal, I convinced one of my friends that I was going to walk down the aisle to “Whip It” by Devo. I didn’t. I just walked to it at the rehearsal so Hubby wouldn’t see me walking down to my real song until the real deal.
I wish Jesus would hurry up and tell us it is time to go to Heaven, but I realize that He is waiting for some more people to get their bus tickets before the caravan moves out.

A few things that didn't make it onto Charlie's site:

Even though the rest of our house looks pretty "normal", Hubby let me paint our tiny foyer hot pink (even the ceiling) and fill the walls all the way to the high ceiling with eclectic art. He let me paint the bedroom walls aqua (with a lighter shade on the ceiling) so that when sun shines through our huge picture window it looks as if I am floating in water. He indulges me like that. 

My dream job is to go to London and be a Garden Gnome Polisher. I might be the first in the field. But hanging out all day with gnomes in English gardens has got to be pretty cool. Those people really know how to do gardens.

Hubby likes sci-fi and I can see the TV from where I sit at the family computer, so I know more about Dr. Who than I think I should. The reality show Rockstar: INXS (2005) did not have the winner I wanted, but I did net some great girlfriends off one of the show's discussion boards. We see each other in person from time  to time and it is awesome.

I've often wished that I had my own flying monkeys to unleash on people, but ever since I joined People of the Second Chance (see here), that seems like a bad idea.


Today I'm linking up to a blog that is new to me (authored by a fellow Central Texan), "Finding Heaven... Opening Doors to Grace". Jen hosts a "link-up party" called Soli Deo Gloria (Latin for God's Glory Alone) and I have decided to join in. I hope you will take some time to follow me and hopefully make some new friends. Just click on the photo below and it will take you right to the blog party.


  1. Oh, I think we will like each other. Big fan of Brennan Manning and Peretti's book is a classic. Thanks for the fun introduction so I could get to know you a bit!

    I'm glad you linked-up today, and I am love, love, loving the little retro radio on your sidebar.

    Nice "meeting" you.

  2. Howdy, Amy! Glad you stopped by. I'm glad you got to meet me. I'm looking forward to "meeting" you now that I know we like so many of the same things!

    Oh, and the little retro radio came from Shabbyblogs.com.

  3. You totally crack me up! I am so glad you have joined in with Soli Deo Gloria. I laughed out loud about Whip It. Seriously, you are too funny.

    I reveal a lot on my blog, too. Honesty and vulnerability are my things, I guess. We are going to be great friends. I hope one day to see your hot pink foyer!

  4. I love posts like this!!!

    Great to know more about you....

  5. Jen, is it an oxymoron to be seriously funny? I hope that you will see my hot pink foyer too. Does the house have to be "company clean" for you or can you stand the stacks of papers and the dog hair? Either way, my Hubby is a great cook. How many in your family?

    Julie, I'm glad you got to know more about me too. Now it is your turn! ;)

  6. So glad you linked up to soli sisters. Welcome. I enjoyed reading your great intro.

    I have been praying for Texas.


  7. Glenda, thanks for the welcome and the prayers! Looking forward to enjoying the soli sisters community!


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