Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Growing

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Oh, I so did not want to write on this. I saw "growing" and I just about opted out of today's link party. Then the negatives came to my mind: my waist and hips are GROWING. My debt is GROWING. I just... *sigh*

There have been other things that denote growing. Brother Dave, one of my spiritual advisors who has known me for years, reads my blog and says that he sees me growing. And its about time, too. The bratty little mess I was when I met Brother Dave and his family needed to grow - upward and onward.

It's just that the type of growing that is happening to me right now is not the fun or comfortable type of growing. It's not like I'm discovering new crafting skills or learning how to cook (Hubby, read = not going to happen). I'm growing spiritually and emotionally and there are growing pains that come with that. Have I mentioned that I have diagnosed myself as being allergic to all kinds of pain? That includes growing pains.

I think I've missed a little of the point of Five Minute Fridays today. I've been backspacing and editing. Trying to avoid what I'm really thinking. But this is what I've got today.


Come join me over at the Gypsy Mama. Link up your own post or just see what five minutes looked like for others. (they probably won't be as negative as I'm feeling about the subject matter today!)

Today is also a rare occasion that I am posting twice. I have joined a special writing project called "What We’re Worth: A Community Collection". You can view my contribution to the project here and you can read about the project here.  At the bottom of that post is a link you can follow to find all of the community essays on this subject. Please go visit. And if you can, leave some comments on the posts you read. It will be nice for the people who made themselves vulnerable to get a little love.


  1. I love it when I feel that I am actually making strides in my faith and not just sitting in some success from long ago. Great take on growing.

  2. Keep it up, one step at a time. It's encouraging when others say they see growth in us.... Blessings, friend.

  3. allergic to growing pains--ha!!! i was reading so quickly i almost missed that, but it was so worth reading :-)
    i loved every bit of this. put a smile on my face, and even though i know you were serious about ever last word. . . you're able to write about it in a way that we can all relate to.
    thanks for the smiles.

  4. So glad you ladies could join me today. Thanks for letting me be so honest and for the encouragement.

    If you get a chance, please to the other writing project I am participating in today at It promises to have some good reads!

  5. Growing is rarely a pleasant or comfortable experience. I sometimes write in a similar way--just start typing and see what ends up on the page--with often terrifying and not-fit-for-public-consumption results. But that's where pain often lives--in the places we don't want to go to. Which are exactly the same places Jesus wants us to get through to get closer to Him.

  6. I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes growth really isn't the most fun or happy feeling while we're in the midst of it, but it's necessary and worth it in the end.


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