Saturday, September 24, 2011

God Loves Me

Okay, so that last post about "What is a girl worth?" was hard to write. The contributions from other bloggers to the project were hard to read. The whole thing caused more emotional upheaval in me than I had prepared for and I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed. I'll talk more about that in another post today or tomorrow.

Right now, I think I just need to get back on an even keel. One way I do that is to spend time with God. Yes, you say, read your Bible, Carolyn. Get down on your knees and pray. I admit those are good ideas and I shall put them to use. However, when I say I need to spend time with God after an emotional upheaval, I usually mean that I need to spend time appreciating God's sense of humor. Humor manufactured by humans can sometimes be hurtful, but humor from God brings forth healing laughter.

So what humorous thing has God done that will help me get out of this particular funk?

Goats in trees. GOATS. IN. TREES. Does that sound strange? Probably not to people who live around them, but to my suburban heart (even though I was raised by a farm girl and a farm boy) the idea has just enough of the absurd in it to make me giggle a pure God-giggle.

I don't know if you will appreciate how giggle-worthy goats in trees really are, but it's my blog, so I get to be the arbiter of funny here. Would you like to have a peek and possibly a giggle? Voila! I give you


Evidently these goats are from Morocco and they are in the trees to eat berries. Supposedly. They could be having a union meeting up there and I wouldn't know the difference. "Bbbbbiiiiilllllyyyy, has everyone paid their dues this month?" The point is that they are

What I know for sure is that when I am so heartsick that I can't sleep and I open up my web browser in the middle of the night to be greeted by a photo like this, I feel loved by God. It is like He is telling me that He knows my hurts and He will always balance them with laughter. And I trust that He will keep those unionized goats from harassing their non-union fellows by calling them "scabs" or using other intimidation tactics. 

So has this been helpful at all? No? Do you need something a little more traditional? Okay, okay... geez. Let me share the words of a worship song that is going through my head.... maybe it will help you heal from the emotional upheaval of seeing GOATS IN TREES!

I love you, Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship  you,
Oh my soul rejoice!
Take joy, My King
In what you hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
In Your ear.

I have been blessed to sing that song in four-part harmony with large groups of people. It is so beautiful. Four-part harmony is another gift that makes me feel loved by God... a gift that helps me worship my Savior... it's a win-win. I bet even the goats like it. ;)


  1. Hahahahahaha! Goats! In trees! Oh my goodness, girl...I NEEDED that this morning!

    I was working on a paper for school and I happened to glance into my Google Reader and saw a post from you...oh, how happy I am that I opened it!

    Love you, Carolyn...keep your head up, you are doing fine!


  2. @Angela I am glad you got a laugh. I have a whole history of goats being a bad thing (long story) so it was good that they gave me a giggle. I love you too!


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