Monday, April 13, 2009


Trees... nice, green trees... such a wonderful thought... I used to climb trees - my first boyfriend would sometimes find me waiting for him in the tree out front... I wrote poems about trees in Senior English... Mrs. Apple (really her name, not a tree) liked those poems... Trees provide shade and beauty...

But trees can get complicated... take buying a house, for instance:

You want trees strategically planted for privacy in your backyard. However, you don't want trees that get near your roof and tear up your shingles. And if you plant a tree to close to the fence that grows out instead of up, your neighbors might not be happy. You might have a favorite type of tree, but if it prefers acidic soil and your yard has alkaline soil, that won't work. And then someone in the family says, "we need a tree that stays green all year". What tree is that? What if you don't like that tree? And it is possible that you can't plant any more trees anyway because you might mess up the sprinkler system, but who has the diagram for where the lines are? And if the tree that you like has a pollen that someone in the family is really allergic to? What then?

Trees can get really complicated.