Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cool Quote of the Day

There is a big difference between mishearing and hearing only what we want to hear, right? We, the people of God, seem to have chronic 'itching ears,' and we can usually find somebody to scratch till we say 'Aaahh' (2 Tim. 4:3). Given the option, we will usually choose bigger barns to serve ourselves over bigger hearts to serve others (Luke 12:13-21).     -- Scotty Smith

I think I had a half-formed thought for a blog post in my head. Then I saw this quote in my inbox (I get them from Quotemeal here) and Mr. Smith just kinda slapped me upside the head there. Whatever half-formed thought I head went flying out the other ear.

So let's not put lipstick on this pig before we shove it out in the spotlight. Let's get to the heart of it: I'm selfish, self-centered, and self-seeking. I have been choosing bigger barns to serve myself for years. That doesn't mean I have never served others. But I have never sought a bigger heart over a bigger barn - not really. And I have rarely, if ever, sacrificed for somebody else's need. I might have delayed my gratification momentarily, but that is not the same thing as sacrifice.

Since we started sponsoring Kimenyi (see story here) a few months ago, I have thought from time to time, "how will I explain this to him? How will I explain all of my want and my waste to this little boy and his family?" Have I even started seeking a bigger barn in order to share with him? I doubt it.

If you ever feel the need to pray for me (and I know one or two of my five loyal readers do actually pray for me regularly), pray for my heart in this. Pray for my willingness in this. My barn is more than big enough. I need a bigger heart.

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