Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Going to a Writers' Retreat

The first time I heard about The High Calling, I was listening to talk radio on an AM station in Corpus Christi, TX. I heard the warm voice of a man - I found out it was Howard E. Butt, Jr. - telling stories in little clips about living well. I sat up a little straighter in my seat while driving each time I heard his voice after that. Growing up in south Texas, you learn to listen when somebody with that name speaks. I grew up going to the Butt family's groceries stores - H.E.B. - and still shop there today. They have a history of success and community involvement, so I appreciate their input. I always meant to go to the website to see what Mr. Butt was talking about, but by the time I got out of the car, I would forget. Sure did love those radio spots, though.

Today, through a link to a link to a link (you know how that goes, right?), I found out that today is the last day of a contest that The High Calling is having a contest (look here) to send one person to their Writers' Retreat at the end of September. This is not just any ol' retreat, my friends. According to the website, "This year’s Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat instructors are each experts in their field. Greg Wolfe edits Image Journal. Jeffrey Overstreet has won two Christy Awards for his fiction. Julia Kasdorf was awarded a 2009 NEA fellowship for poetry. And that is just a taste of what you can expect. Several editors from Christianity Today will also be at the retreat, as well as TheHighCalling.org editors and others." So for a beginner like me, this would be hitting the jackpot right at the start of my journey.

So how do you get entered in this contest, you ask? Well, you have to tell them why you need to be at the retreat. And then post that little explanation on their webpage before today is out. You would think I would be typing fast, but I'm just hitting the keys as it comes to me, as usual.

So why do I need to be at the retreat? Hmmm... well, the long and short of it is that God has me blogging for Him. He wants me to stay accountable to the lessons He is teaching me by writing about it here. I've been a little skeptical about this idea, because I have seen some really awesome faith blogs and I get myself all psyched out about not being able to compare. Still, I feel the Spirit press down on me and I write. If it measures up or not, I am being obedient. A little direction and instruction would not hurt, though, so a Writers' Retreat with other Christian writers seems like just the ticket, don't you think? Direction, instruction, community. These are some really great ingredients to add to the recipe of my little blog. I'm sure that my five loyal readers would appreciate the improvements!

That is all I know. I don't have any profound pronouncements. I won't do any begging. I could just use the help in being obedient. Well, I will say that a trip into the Texas Hill Country would not hurt my feelings. ;)

And so the journey continues...


  1. better put a reservation in so they don't give your spot away. :)

  2. danger mouse, I didn't win the free trip, but I'm going anyway. Have a spot reserved!


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