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So, in the last post, I asked you to watch a video before we moved on to new developments. If you didn’t, don’t worry. It was great stuff, but you can appreciate what comes next without it. I will tell you that I received the link to that video in an email from the Compassion International blog. That is important because…


I did not know how excited I would be for us to sponsor a child, but when I hit “send” on that online form, I got tingles all over! I felt like we had just expanded our family, not just by one, but by 5, because we will love his whole family!!!

How we came to be sponsors is all wrapped up in this continuing journey of learning to show and LOVE mercy. I will share the details of that in another post, but right now I just want to tell you about this child.

His name is Kimenyi! He just turned six years old in May. He has three siblings and they all live with Mom and Dad, who farm when there is work. I don't know anything about their living situation, but I suspect they don't have much.

Kimenyi likes soccer, playing with cars, and playing with marbles. He helps carry water and run errands for his family. He goes to school and he participates in church activities.

The only picture we have of him so far is of this serious-looking little boy in an orange shirt, tan pants, and brightest lime-green sandals I have ever seen. I hope we will continue to get photos of him as he grows, and I hope one of them will show him smiling, because I have a feeling there is a smile in there that will light up the world (am I biased already?).

Kimenyi and his family live in a small village in Rwanda. I don’t know about you, but the first time Rwanda came into my consciousness (outside of a blip in grade school geography class) was during the mass genocide the Hutu tribe carried out against the Tutsi tribe in 1994. That was only 17 years ago. Kimenyi’s parents were alive then. Depending on the year they were born, they might even have memories of it.

We don’t know what tribe their family comes from, nor do we care. Our biggest concerns are helping them find a relationship with Christ and helping them break the cycle of poverty. But I have to tell you that them being in a country with such darkness in its recent history gives me pause for their sakes. I pray for them to live in peace.

So this is all very new to us. We received our initial “Sponsor Packet” and Compassion even sent us a lovely scrapbook to fill with memories as our relationship grows. I have copied the photo of Kimenyi and taped it to our bedroom door and the back of our front door so that we will frequently see his picture and pray for him. For the very first time I asked to tape something to Charles’ prized stainless steel refrigerator. I had never dared before, but I thought this was important. Evidently Charles agreed, because he said yes. So Kimenyi is right before our eyes every time we reach for cheese, milk, or lunch meat. I often touch the picture, wishing I could give those little shoulders a squeeze.

We have sent a letter introducing ourselves and asking questions about Kimenyi and his family. Of course, it will have to be translated and then delivered to his small village. When he replies, it will take awhile to get to the interpreters so they can send us a letter that we will understand. I know this process might take awhile, but I am anxiously awaiting a reply. I’m hoping to get our grandchildren involved in this process. Maybe they can draw so pictures to send over there, and maybe even write their own letters.

Please pray for us to be faithful in this – not just sending the money, but sending the prayers and support as well. If you think you might be interested in sponsoring a child, visit Compassion’s site and see all those beautiful faces.

And the story continues…

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