Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Giveaway

Yes, I am having a giveaway! Despite what you see in the cheesy-but-cute picture above, I will not be giving away a bouquet and hatbox. I just could not resist that 1950s-looking girl. It's possible that I might have watched too much Happy Days when I was growing up.

So what am I giving away? A book, of course!

One of the many lovely people that I was privileged to meet at The High Calling's Writers' Retreat this past weekend was author and Managing Editor at THC, L.L. Barkat. To learn more about her, you can find her herehere, and here, among other places.

I found one of her books in the lovely little bookstore that Laity Lodge has onsite, and she was generous enough to sign it for me - or you, really. I did have her sign it in pink ink, which seemed appropriate for my first giveaway.

The book is called Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places. You can read a review of it here.

stone crossings.jpg 

How does one go about entering my first little giveaway contest? I thought about giving the book to the first reader who mails me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; but then I realized that with those tiny communal mailboxes we have in our neighborhood that could be a problem. My neighbors probably don't want jelly dripping down into their mail (even though that might improve the quality of some of the mail they get).

So it looks like we might have to use a more boring method of choosing a winner. Therefore, to enter to win the book, please leave a comment on this post. If you are one of our "lurkers", we would be pleased to have you introduce yourself. And if any of you would like to add a short joke to your comment (not necessarily a joke about being short), that would inject some fun into the process. Oh, and no matter how many comments you leave, it will just be one entry per person.

The deadline for entry comments will be midnight CST on Wednesday, October 5, 2011. On Thursday I will count the number of entries and then using the True Random Number Generator from a winner will be chosen!

I will be writing more about my experience at the Writers' Retreat later this week, so stay tuned for details.

Happy commenting!

* I am not receiving any compensation for promoting L.L. Barkat's book beyond a smile and a "thank you".


  1. OK - someone has to be first, so why not me? I've been thinking about getting this book for a wee while, but have never quite got round to it.

    While I'm here let me say a couple of things more. First, I love that you have taken your blog title from Brennan Manning. I remember how helpful reading Abba's Child was when I was having a particularly hard time. If I was starting a new blog now, I suspect that it might be called something like "Another of Abba's Children."

    Second, I've spent some time rooting around here and I have really appreciated the open-ness and honesty in your writing. As a person who somehow just never quite seems to fit anywhere, I too have found the joy of belonging to our heavenly Father, even though the path he has placed before me has been difficult in recent times.

  2. I love you & you know how much I love my books is all I'll say xoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    I just had to stop by and thank you for leaving such a sweet comment over at my blog. AND, if that weren't enough, my friend Dan King was at the High Calling writers retreat, too, so you probably met him! I used to attend the same church as Dan and his wife. Isn't it a small world?

    Love your give-away picture, and thanks for the opportunity to win! :-)

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    I'm not a fan of pink ink, but I'll risk it to read a testimony of grace. I love Paul's statement in Romans 5:20 that "where sin increased, grace increased all the more." Grace wins!

    And as a math major who got 100 on my Probability final, I commend your use of!

  5. A give away!!?? I LOVE give aways!! I'm in!! Muah!

  6. Carolyn, I'm thankful you were able to attend the retreat at Laity...I'd like to show up there someday myself...I don't have a single book with an author's autograph in pink, but maybe I do.

    Thanks...keep writing...grace...

  7. Ugh...hit 'post' too about 'maybe I need one'?

  8. @thebeautifuldue John, I would have loved to have you at Laity. Maybe you could come as a guest author sometime? You probably do need a book signed in pink. Which makes me think, if I send my copy of "All is Grace" to you with a pink pen, will you sign it? ;)

  9. Would love a chance to win!!

  10. *raises hand* Pink ink or no, this is an opportunity I'm not going to ignore.

    Now to explore your blog a little ... a great feature of community links.

  11. Hey Carolyn, just stopping by to say hello. I promise, with my fingers crossed behind my back, that never has a joke about being short crossed my lips.

    I have the book, highly recommend, so no need to drop me in the drawing as such.

  12. @Lyla Lindquist Lyla, I would forgive you if you made a short joke... or a joke short... or something... glad to see you here!

  13. We have a winner! Come see who it is and learn some more about each other!

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