Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Catch

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Life seems to be catching up to the Countermans and demanding that we pay attention. It really isn't that fun. We are praying about some hard decisions right now.

And I saw today's prompt - "catch" and I felt that was what I am trying to do. I feel like there is an answer - a piece of Scripture, a wise word that I have forgotten - that is just being elusive and if I could just "catch" it, then I would know what to do and all this worrying would be over. I don't know if there is really anything out there to catch or if I am just being hopeful.

What I do know is that God is still with us. I do not feel abandoned in any way. I know He will walk us through this - He won't let us go through any dark valley alone. And if we fall, He will "catch" us. I'm learning that does not always look like I would want it to, but He does not leave me. 

I wish I could catch my loved ones like that - just prevent them from hitting the bottom. I know I can't - at least not always. But I'm sure you understand that when you love someone, you want to catch them when they fall. I will have to trust God to catch all of them too. 

I suppose today's prompt was timely, wasn't it? 


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  1. I love the image of God catching us when we fall. It is a timely reminder indeed.

    We want so much for our kids not to hit bottom, to hurt, to fail, and yet when I read your post I am reminded that God allows us adults to do all of that so that we grow, so that we are sharpened.

    And since it is something that He does, is it something for us to consider with our kids as well? Rather than trying to keep them from harm are all of us better served by allowing them to experience falling and failure so that they, too, can learn?

  2. Yes, Kim, we have to consider it for our children - even our adult children. It is always hard to decide when to protect them and when to let them fend for themselves as a learning experience.


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