Monday, October 31, 2011

Goings on

I don't know what it is called in other parts of the country, but around here things you need to know about and activities are called "goings on" (I think it is actually "goins on" but I don't want to upset anyone by deleting that last "g"). Shockingly enough, I don't have much to say tonight {gasp! the horror!}, but I figured I could share some goings on with you.


Some of you might vaguely remember back in September when I participated in Tamara's What is a Girl Worth? project. (seems like a lifetime ago) It was powerful. It changed some lives. And now, it has turned into something else. Go check out Tamara's news. God is working in a mighty way through her. Go Tamara!


Back at the beginning of September, two sweet sisters from Arkansas started a blog called Set Free From Me. Celeste and Monica are using this blog to chronicle their journey of giving out-of-control eating habits completely over to God. They have issued a challenge for us to make 3 goals for the month of November: 1 spiritual, 1 food-related, and 1 exercise goal. You can read about it here. Ever one to run from a challenge, for some reason I have decided to participate in this one. Having posted my goals in the comments of one of their posts, I figure that was public enough to where I could not back down. So, I'm committed to the hit now. Here is what I actually committed to:

Spiritual: get on my knees (literally) each day to pray. I used to do this years ago and assuming that posture during prayer really did change the experience and I focused more. This is a good time to start doing it again.

Food: Substitute water for at least one soda everyday. This is a small goal, but a very real need. My body will thank me for it.

Exercise: I will do stretches everyday. My atrophied muscles and my RLS will thank me for this.

I want to turn and run just looking at those goals. I don't think it is the goals themselves. It is probably the commitment. But I've put it out there, so I'm going to try it.


Our Quote of the Whole Darn Week comes from a blog-commenter named Della:

"I’m not sure which bible version you use, but in my South Georgia Revised International Living version, we are not allowed the use of b.b. guns. They are deemed ‘unclean’. We ARE however, encouraged to hold our neighbor accountable for his actions by drugging his coon dogs and stealing the couch off of his front porch. Deuterviticus 4:11-17."


And last, but not least, tonight is the Soli Deo Gloria linky party over at Jen's. Go on over and see who might have written something that you need to read.


Now, if'n you know 'bout some other goings on that aren't covered here, please feel free to tell us about them in the comments!


  1. Oh, I love your SDG comment - isn't it the truth! I always find that God has a word for me in one of y'alls posts!

  2. So glad you're doing this with us, Carolyn!


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