Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Second Chance Wednesdays - Part 15

Welcome back to Second Chance Wednesdays! It is once again time to turn to the People of the Second Chance's poster series, Never Beyond. If you are new to this campaign, you can read more about it and find links to all of my Never Beyond posts here.


Look at this face:

Grinch was a mean one, for sure. He also took his second chance before anyone really offered it to him. That takes guts. Could you do that? Could you be atrociously evil and do whatever was possible to ruin someone else's holiday and then turn around and say, "I get it now! Merry Christmas!". Would you be afraid of how that someone would respond to you? Would you let everything fester so that you did not have to apologize or make the first move?

I'm pretty sure that I have been on both sides of this one. I have gotten better at apologizing, forgiving, and reaching out, but there is much more work to do on my shriveled little heart. It might still be at least one size too small.

What about you? Do you need to reach out to someone this Christmas? Do you need to give or get a second chance?



  1. Oh this is convicting. Thank you.

  2. everyone needs a second chance at some point.

  3. "Would you let everything fester so that you did not have to apologize or make the first move?"

    Excellent question! Often we forget that extending grace is just as important (sometimes more so) than receiving it. Keep up the great posts!!

  4. hmmm, finding it ironic that i found your previous post as a predecessor to this one about second chances.... sometimes it's hardest to give ourselves a second chance.... just a thought...


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