Sunday, December 11, 2011

After These Messages...

We interrupt our usual Sunday series, Desde el Monte... (Uruguay mission trip), for these tedious messages:

Hubby and I are under the weather. I think we caught something that is going around (and is unfortunately being shared). Also, one of the doggies seems to be feeling poorly too. (Keeping a sharp eye on him.) Therefore, I have not been able to finish a decent post for my regular Sunday series. However, I offer for your viewing pleasure this:

Yes, those are aardvarks wearing sweaters. No, I have not been able to find an explanation. I would assume that they were cold. Wikipedia says that aardvarks typically live in "savannas, grasslands, woodlands, and bushland" in Africa, so I am unclear as to how these two creatures ended up in someone's utility room. If you look on the wall behind them, you will see a stereo mounted there, so maybe they were having a dance party. If that is not it, I got nothing...

The Counterman household should be on the mend soon. I hope to bring you a worthwhile post about Uruguay next Sunday. If not, I'll have to cull the internet for more weird photos.

This concludes our commercial break. Please enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Praying you both feel better soon.


  2. Get better! Even in an ill state, you crack me up.

  3. Thank you, Juanita. I'm always so glad when you show up here. Beware, once we find out how close you live to us, Amy and I might come to visit and be very silly in the process. ;)

    Amy, I aim to please, you know. Especially you. Laughter is GREAT medicine for all of us.


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