Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Color

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Color. Wow... this time of year is filled with color. Usually I would worry about bringing out "clashing" colors into my living room, but not at Christmas-time. We have bright neon colors and traditional reds and greens. And I just love it!

Our Christmas tree is a hot-pink, pre-lit type. I wish we had room in our small foyer to put it there. My foyer is painted hot-pink (ceilings too). I love putting neon blue and green and purple ornaments on the tree and I love how it stands out. Maybe we should just paint the whole living room pink, too? Nah...

Hubby finally told me this year that he likes traditional Christmas decorations as well. So now we have the dark greens and reds of faux fir limbs and poinsettias filling the living room and kitchen as well. It is a little strange to have such traditional and non-traditional decorations together but I don't care. We enjoy them all. 

Color, color, color! Everywhere you look we have color! I have friends that are "minimalists", with bright white walls and just a few decorations and that seems to work in their homes, but it doesn't here. Hubby and I just love adding more color everywhere. We are glad when a season comes around to give us reason to put up more color - even colors that aren't supposed to "match". 

Do you have lots of color in your Christmas decorating?


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Due to several comments saying photos would be good, here is the hot-pink tree. This is what it looks like decorated. We have left it bare this year in honor of our first Christmas without Mama.

And here is a picture of Charles and I all dolled up for a date. We are standing in the hot-pink foyer. I cannot get a really good photo that shows all of the eclectic art in that tiny room, but there is much more than what you see behind us.


  1. Hi Carolyn, I love your use of bright colors and wish I could see pictures! Your tree sounds so fun and memorable. I can just imagine my kids LOVING every bit of your house. Thanks for the awesome and happy description!

  2. @Taylor, I do need to take some photos, don't I? I need to get better at that. I'm the one who gets so caught up in things that I forget to take pictures and then end up wishing that I had photos of everything.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post, and yes, pictures would be fun to see. I love that you combine the traditional and non traditional because you "enjoy them all." :)

  4. Oh I agree I'd love a peek at that hot pink tree. I'm not a fan of all white walls either. There are splashes of color in my home as well. This year I have adorned my traditional tree with cream, white and gold.

  5. For those of you who are subscribed to the comments, I have added some photos of the hot pink tree and the hot pink foyer for your viewing pleasure. Please come look!

  6. no, i wouldn't say we have a ton of color here. but it suits us. after seeing your photos, i have a feeling i would use the word "comfortable" if i were at your home. and maybe "warm" and "cozy" as well. it all looks very inviting :-)

  7. This is the first time I'm seeing a hot pink tree. I've seen the white/silvery ones before, but never pink. I think it's cool that you're doing what you love in your home. Sometimes people get stressed by trying to "do" the things around Christmas that they neglect to actually enjoy it. Blessings to you :-)

  8. Carolyn, I am just now getting a chance to return to visit again to see your fabulous tree! I just bought some itty bitty trees for each of my kids' rooms (on the day after Christmas because they were half off) and I thought of you the whole time! I got a bright pink one for my daughter and the three for the boys are equally flashy. They all loved them and can't wait to have their own colorful trees in their rooms next year!

    I hope you and yours had a fantastic Christmas!


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