Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Long-Lasting Label

"You are the problem."

I've heard it before. I have heard it all of my life. I heard it again Sunday night. I am not A problem. I am The Problem. That has been my identity since infancy. Being The Problem has great power, if you think about it. I've been able to cause hurt and strife since before I knew those words existed. Who knew children could rule people like that and the adults would be powerless to stop it?

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. I've had to try to keep up with all of the issues that I've caused and who was hurt by them. The list is extensive. Some of the issues came up without me even being present. Those are the ones that are really hard to keep track of. 

I'm tired, though. Forty-two years is a very long time to be keeping up with all of these issues. (Issues is just a short form of "its-you".) And the title - The Problem. It does not sit as well as it used to. It feels more like a label. I am at the stage in my life where I've decided that if I am going to have labels, I want to pick them for myself. I think I would like to be called "saved", "beloved", "friend", "favorite Auntie", "interesting", and "valuable". Being The Problem is just not working for me anymore.

I realize that giving up the label and not taking responsibility for all of the its-yous is probably going to upset some people. However, it is just something that I have to do. It might take some time and effort to disentangle myself from all of the its-yous, but I know the Lord will give me the strength and guidance that I need for the task.  Christ has given me permission to take on a new identity in Him and that is what I am going to do. 

Do you have a label that you are ready to let go of? Is it time for you to start taking on the identity that God gave you?


People Of The Second Chance has started a new campaign called "Labels Lie". You can read about it here and here. POTSC is seeking to open up a dialogue about how toxic labels and the shame they engender steal our true identities. It is a conversation worth having. Too many of us have bought in to the lies. We need to turn that around now. I am going to participate. I will probably stumble and fall at times, but I am going on this journey.

I am declaring this blog a safe place. If you want to tell about your struggle with labels in the comments, this is a place where you can say what you need to say without reprisals or having us believe the lies about you. If it is too personal, but you still want to tell me about it, you can email me at ce dot counterman @ gmail dot com. Join me on this journey to believing in the identity the Creator gave us!


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