Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Chance Wednesdays - Part 13

Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post.

Welcome back to Second Chance Wednesdays! It is once again time to turn to the People of the Second Chance's poster series, Never Beyond. If you are new to this campaign, you can read more about it and find links to all of my Never Beyond posts here.


Look at this face:

Could you really be mad at that face? Does Animal really need a second chance? At first, I just want to say no because I love Animal and I love drummers. But then I think, what about all those times he has obnoxiously interrupted a special moment? What about all those times he has acted like, well... an animal?

Now I know that you and I might not have the same definition of obnoxious, but I am fairly certain we both have some definition. It could be people who talk too loud in the bookstore (when did that become a library?). It could be people who clip their fingernails in front of you, even though you are not a manicurist. Augh! The lady you see leaving the bathroom without washing her hands. Maybe you get really irritated with smokers who don't try to stay downwind of you. It could be the people who never - even after being asked - silence their cellphone. What about the people who stop to talk right in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store? I have a problem with people who give me random gifts and then tell me later that they are hurt that I did not return the favor (I evidently forgot to put that person in my monthly budget). What about people who want to take a tour of all of the photos you have in your cubicle while you are trying to make a deadline? What about ___________ (fill in the blank)?

Apologizing to Muppet fans for making Animal the poster child for all of this annoying behavior, it is still pertinent to ask yourself if you would be willing to show grace to these people. I know that I get a little snippy when I actually have to interact with them. Do you? Can you remind yourself that these people with pesky habits might even be annoyed by something that you do? It's hard to think that these people could look at us the same way we look at them, isn't it? We might all have a little Animal in us.

So what person with an annoying habit do you need to give a second chance?


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  1. People who misuse apostrophe's (like that).

  2. I can't believe you didn't know what a fan of Animal I am! Glad you told me about this. xoxo

  3. D - People who do not remember the rules of contractions and also the difference between "have" and "of" are big ones for me.

    Chrispy - I am very sorry that I did not remember you loved animal. My mind has been clouded with non-essential things lately. I will strive to remember your musical connections better in the future. ;)


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