Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Remember

On Fridays around these parts we stop, drop, and write.
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Mama, I remember your scent. You always wore Avon Cotillion perfume (except when David was around, because he bought you that Chanel #5). 

I remember you "drawing" pictures on my back with your finger. It tickled. Sometimes I could guess what you were drawing. Sometimes I couldn't. But it was so fun being close to you.

I remember within the last few years, you started to show your emotions more - good and bad. You would stand behind Daddy and pretend to wring his neck when he would be talking about a harebrained idea or volunteering you for some project you didn't want to do. It looked so funny to see our calm, placid Mama show frustration for the first time.

I remember how you would catch us off guard with jokes. You told them so infrequently and could do so with a straight face. You could get us with the punchline every time because it was so unexpected.

I remember that rolled up mattress that used to be beneath my bed. The thunder and lightening would come and either me or David would come get you. You would pull out that rolled up mattress and lay on it with us so that we would feel safe while the house shook.

I remember so many Valentines Days when you would put a heart-shaped sandwich in my lunchbox. It was always those special little touches that set you apart.

Mama, I remember. I always will.


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  1. Beautiful memories beautifully expressed. What more can I say?

  2. @Radical Believer RB, glad you were here to read it. That validates her, somehow.

  3. Stop, drop, and write. Now there's a title for a new link-up! Wonderful tribute to your mother. Makes me want to stop and thank my mom for the little touches she always seems to put into everything she does.

    Happy Friday, friend.


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