Monday, November 21, 2011

Captain Kirk to the Rescue!

I always find it fascinating to know which movie lines stick with my friends over time. Many of the people in my age group can quote lines from most of John Hughes' movies. My husband, who is fifteen years older than me, quotes movies that came out before I was born. I have friends who love all of the Muppet movies, some who are into the whole Star Wars saga, and others who really enjoy any old classics they can get to see. 

One of the lines that has always stuck with me comes from a movie genre that I don't usually care for. The quote comes from a Star Trek movie - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, to be specific. I remember not really wanting to see the movie, but a huge group of my friends was going and they convinced me to go with them. Since I had not seen the previous film, I did not even know why Spock was being searched for. I had to just take the film for what entertainment value it had outside of a continuing story line.

Towards the end of the movie, Captain James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner), was having a fistfight with a Klingon (typical Star Trek villain), while the planet they were on was violently erupting all around them. The Klingon falls over the side of the cliff they are next to and is hanging on for dear life. Kirk, ever being the noble type, says to the Klingon, "Give me your hand!". Instead of reaching to get pulled to safety by Kirk, the Klingon grabs Kirk's ankle and tries to pull him over the cliff. Evidently, that was the last straw. You can only try to kill the man so many times before he runs out of patience. Kirk, who has now fallen to the ground, starts stomping the Klingon's face with the foot that is not being held and knocks the Klingon off the cliff to his death. While he is doing this, Kirk says, "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!". I have included a clip of that scene here for your viewing pleasure.

Those words and that scene have stuck with me for the last twenty-seven years. I really have no idea why. Suffice it to say that since I don't actually know any Trekkies (that I am aware of), when I quote that scene for any reason, I am the only one in on the joke.

Surprisingly, though I am not a Klingon and am definitely not trying to pull anyone towards their demise, I was told today by a loved one that that person has had enough of dealing with me. Evidently, we are too different, which makes being in a relationship complicated at times. And supposedly, this person doesn't feel that he/she should have to deal with anything that is hard. If it takes work, "forget about them!". 

I have been a broken, crying mess most of the day since then. Hubby was interviewing for new employees and was not available to me until much later. My sister and a friend talked to me on the phone and tried to help me calm down and gain some perspective (they are both awesome). And I tried playing with the five yappers a bit to distract myself. But for some reason, I did not really gain any equilibrium until I remembered this Star Trek quote. (I'm sure Hubby will be thrilled when he finds out that I was helped by science fiction!) You would think the quote would make me feel worse, since I am the one who has been rejected (but thankfully not thrown over a cliff to a fiery death). However, that isn't the case. Remembering Captain Kirk's willingness to rescue an enemy reminded me of Christ's instruction to love those that spurn us. The One who suffered the ultimate rejection wants me to have His heart towards the broken, sinful world that would try to bring me down.

I will need some time to heal, and I certainly covet your prayers toward that purpose. I want you to praise God with me as well, for His greatness and His ability and willingness to use any medium to reach out to His hurting children. Praise Jesus for using Captain Kirk to remind me of True Love. 

If you have a story of God using an unusual or unexpected memory or event to reach you during hard times, I would love to know about it. Share as you feel led. 

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  1. MY pastor uses clips of movies all the time to illustrate his sermons. It always amazes me how there is a clip for most thoughts but it takes special people to notice them! Good job.

  2. Great post! My hubby is a long-time Trekkie and I do remember seeing that scene... we must have gone to the movie.

    "...willingness to rescue an enemy..." That is the key to our salvation, and it is what we should offer to others. I've prayed for you as you process this tough situation. Blessings!

  3. Hi Carolyn - my pastor also uses clips from movies at times to illustrate a truth. (My husband and I find tons of biblical symbolism in the Lord of the Rings).

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this situation, but I do like the point you made in relation to rescuing an enemy. Great analogy.


  4. @Shanda, I am not nearly as good as some of my friends at finding the appropriate movie clip, but I try! ;)

    @Janice, thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

    @Joan, glad you stopped by. It's a blessing.


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