Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I forgot all about you, Little Blog...

Wow. That first post was so long ago. Things hit the fan so badly after that. I'm not sure if I even remembered that I had a blog. Not that I am very familiar with the workings of cars, but all of the sudden I remember a friend telling me about a car engine blowing up on a speedway, and he shouted, "and there were rods flying everywhere". For anyone who knows engines, you know that was a mess. That is what the days, weeks, and even months after my first post were like. Damage and destruction.

I don't know how - Divine Intervention most likely - but I reached out for help. And I ended up in a really safe place with a really safe boss and really safe co-workers. I still see the old boss and co-workers almost every day, and it is a reminder of what insanity I was in the middle of. (You know I could really use some in-depth study on how not to end a sentence in a preposition. But the "correct" way always sounds so formal.) I like some types of insanity - like the kind I have with my INXS-fan buddies. But the destructive insanity is just too much drama and a waste of time.

So now I am in a safe place that is not really all that challenging. Which leaves time for thinking about other things, such as:

*house buying (Hubby and Realtor nixed my idea of a designer refrigerator box)

*my friend who is seeing a fertility specialist wanting me to find out if I can get pregnant by me trying to get pregnant (wanting to know if it is possible and making it so ARE two different things, aren't they?)

*finding my old recipe for edible play-dough

*finding a job that encourages me to have pink hair

*if the rain in Spain really does stay mainly on the plain or if it was just a silly song

Yes, I am consumed with thoughts of weighty matters. I thought critiquing the writing style of the Constitution might be a bit dry, but it is still on my to-do list.

And even though I have just found you again, Little Blog, I must say goodnight. There are rumblings of mutiny from the Hubby and the puppy if I don't come to bed.

Hopefully, I will see you again soon.

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  1. I say skip it all except for the the job that encourages pink hair.

    Oh...and the house thing is good, too...



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