Monday, April 29, 2013

Post #200

I thought I would never have a family. I would end up living alone, except for a pack of little yappy dogs running around my ankles. I would talk back to the television just to have some company. Junk mail would be welcome just because at least somebody out there knew I was alive, at one point anyway. I would have to remind people of my name, because I was so utterly forgettable. There would be no help in time of need unless it was paid for. 

The only part I got right was the pack of yappy dogs. Instead of my low expectations I have...

...little arms that reach out to hug me...eyes that light up when I walk into a room...voices saying, "I love you" and "I'm glad I have you in my life"...beautiful cards that come in the mail...and boxes of toilet paper anonymously delivered to my house every month...

And now every time I wipe my butt I feel amazingly loved by my God and His people. I never knew that God could show up in the most common everyday things. How awesome.


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  1. Hmm. It looks like your blog ate my comment.
    The one where I said how grateful I am for those 200 posts of heart-sharing.

    And how joyful I am that your life is so much fuller than you imagined. His grace abounds, doesn't it?

    And. Can't go wrong with cases of TP. Everyone needs it.

    1. No, your blog didn't eat it. I just wasn't smart enough to post it.

      I'm going to get even by sharing this post.

  2. Wonderful and congratulations on post 200

  3. who knew toilet paper could be so amazing? xoxo


  4. Oh my gosh Carolyn, I am wiping my eyes, I'm laughing so hard. Thanks for linking up. God can use the most random things to make us grateful can't he?

  5. beyond all we can ask or imagine, indeed.

    and you're getting a lot of comments on the TP - i guess we all identify.

    amen to gratefulness for the commonplace!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kelli. My girlfriends are familiar with my humor and with the fact that my family has a "Toilet Paper Fairy". It's an odd thing to get anonymous TP deliveries, but with 11 people in one house, it is SO needed.

  6. I LOVE this post so much, Carolyn. And you, too. :>)

  7. Just think about how much more grateful each of us would be if we truly did give thanks every time we wiped our butts!

    Carolyn, there is no mistaking your voice! Glad you said your piece :)


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