Monday, June 4, 2012

A Bad Country Song

Many moons ago, I had a college Speech professor who made everyone in the class answer a "question of the day" before we could move on to that day's lecture/activities. I always thought that hearing all of the different answers was fairly interesting.

The only question I remember after all this time is, "If you had to write a love song, what would you call it?". I don't remember the other answers, even though I recall most of us thinking that the married couple in our class got kind of mushy. However, I do remember my answer. 

My love song would be entitled, "Romance In A Blender". I do not have a way of explaining that now. You just had to be part of my life at that time to "get it". I never specified whether the song would be rock-n-roll, pop, rap, etc. I just knew the name.

For the sake of any small children around, I will not go into specifics on how my life after college began to resemble a very bad country/western song. In so many ways, I was the woman who did some poor ol' cowboy wrong. My redemption song would not be sung for a very long time, even though I had accepted Christ into my life as a young girl. 

I don't actually remember what triggered these memories today, but as I was thinking about it all, I wondered what the current title for a song about my life might be. This is what I came up with: "Some Families Are Blended, But We're Pureed". 

Do you have a song title that would describe part of your life? Please do share.


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  1. First, this made me chuckle. Romance in a Blender? I dig it. Second it made me think... Not quite sure what my love song title would be-- perhaps "Because the Army told us to" or "Not sure where we are going but we went with Jesus." (Hmm... that's probably too long ;-)

    Thanks for this post-- it blessed me!

  2. What an interesting thought! I like the challenge. I think my song these days might be called, "Let it go, and let God."

  3. Ha. That's good. With your full house, you've earned the right to name it anything that makes you smile. :-)

  4. Haha! Great song, love it. I have no clude what mine would be. :)

  5. Hey, friend,
    Thinking of you!

    So, I love music, and I could go so many directions with this...Hmmm, what about, "Wandering feet, wandering heart". Ohhh, yeah. We've moved a lot and my heart is always jumping from this to that.

    Now, this is no "Romance in a Blender" but you know...

    Happy Wednesday.

  6. Stopping by to say Hi.Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. New follower from Austin TX


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