Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating Love

Today is our first Valentine's Day without Mama. This time last year we were taking stuffed toys and sugar-free chocolates up to the nursing home she was in. 

I know that Valentine's Day is supposed to be for celebrating romantic love, but Mama celebrated all kinds of love every February 14th. She sent cards to her grandchildren and nieces and nephews. She made us heart-shaped bologna sandwiches for our lunch. 

The biggest (and strangest) gift I ever got from Mama on Valentine's Day was an electric typewriter my senior year in high school. I think she meant to get it for me so that I could have it for college (Daddy sold office supplies, so she got it cheap), but it came in in early February, so instead of waiting for graduation, I got it February 14th. I was getting ready for school when she walked in to my room with a huge brown box and said, "Happy Valentine's Day". I think I was even happier about such a nice gift just because it was given on a day that my Mama really loved to celebrate. The kids my age were not all that impressed, but my shorthand teacher was jealous. 

This morning, every family member currently staying in my house (husband, father, sister, brother-in-law, and son) got a card I had picked out for them weeks ago. I got a really lovely card from my husband (and a promise of a date tonight). 

I've shed a tear or two over Mama not being here, but I am glad she taught me to celebrate the love God gives us for each other - not just on February 14th, but on every day.

I hope that you all are celebrating the wonder of love today. I'm sorry that I did not get a card for every kid in our class, but I'll say it here: Happy Valentine's Day from me to you.



  1. It's really nice to catch up with you today, Carolyn, and share these special memories of your mother. Sounds like all the best things about her live on in you.

  2. Another bittersweet day for you Carolyn. Nice to see you back here though. Prayers

  3. This is perfect for this day, Carolyn. Thank you for it. And thank you for picking out cards for everyone in your house - not everyone is so thoughtful. Hope you have a wonderful date!

  4. What a lovely way to celebrate your mother's love. Passing on the tradition of celebrating love with everyone, not just your sweetheart, is such a beautiful way to celebrate her life and your love for her.

    I know you miss her every day. Take it from someone who didn't have such a wonderful relationship with her mother, you should treasure the memories and honor the love you had for each other by living your own life just as fully as she lived hers. You have been richly blessed.

    Happy Valentine's Day, or as we say in our family -- Happy Valenta's Day.


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