Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I Know Right This Minute

1. Mixing too many smells (wood stain, gasoline, Cajun spices, etc.) can make you lose your appetite.

2. There are still not enough employed copy editors in this world. Sorry, but computers cannot match the quality of a live person in this field of endeavor.

3. I'm still a sucker for any dog that does not growl at me and going to PetSmart (where I see many of these dogs) just makes me want more of them. (Yes, I already have more than I can handle, but I'm still a sucker.)

4. Mexican vanilla is way underrated as a stand-alone flavor.

5. The Say Anything soundtrack has stood the test of time. Lloyd Dobler should be proud.

6. Somebody really needs to look into making character-building exercises more fun. Seriously.

7. I am now old enough to talk to teenagers about a multitude of things they have never heard of before (rotary phones, busy signals, kindergarten without computers, long distance charges, etc.)

8. Being of two minds can be very scary:

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amazing creatures.

The mundane and profound seem to mix together in life's lessons. I am just trying to be true to what God is teaching me. 


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