Friday, July 29, 2011

As Nervous As...

I'm not usually inclined to post twice in one day, but there is just something pushing at me so hard...

I was in a gathering tonight where there was plenty of joking going on. There was a lot of love in the room and the company was good. However, there was a comment made that caught me up short and it was hard to concentrate after I heard it.

Let me qualify this by saying that the man who said this was just trying to make a point and he would be truly devastated if he thought he had actually hurt someone. There was at least one person in the room who could have gotten offended, but she didn't seem affected by it.

So what did he say?

"When your as nervous as a whore in church."

Everyone laughed and things kept flowing. But I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Of all the people who should be nervous in church, a whore isn't one of them. Jesus came for the lost. He ate with prostitutes and tax collectors (hard to say which was reviled more in Jesus' day). He sought out those who were cast out by their society. So when I am in church worshipping Him, why should they be nervous about joining me there?

Just something I'm thinking about...


  1. I love your train of thought! Can I give you this rebel prodigal's opinion on it? Not, that I don't want you to stop thinking about it yourself, obviously!

    It's one of those comments that humans came up with. A whore should be nervous in church because of the way so many view God. A Jesusless God, I guess you could say. It's along the same lines as saying, "God helps those who helps themselves", He does? Oh crud, I'm out! Sorry! I tried helping myself, didn't pan out! It's another view of a Jesusless God. Wow, that would be a good blog post, but it might offend someone. You should get right on that Carolyn! Ha!

    I started reading a book titled, "More Jesus Less Religion, Moving from Rules to Relationship" and they were talking about individualized needs and the author (Stephen Arterburn) said this in regards to Zacchaeus: He (Jesus) had to associate with him, connect with him, even when it made Jesus look bad to those who didn't understand what good really was. Jesus was available to those who needed him so desperately (just like a whore in church). We need to adopt that same attitude. Available. Open. Compassionate. Ready to talk. Ready to teach. Ready to help. Many people steeped in religion would rather be "right" than in relationship with anyone they think is in the wrong.

    Returning Home as a prodigal daughter who had so many misconceptions of the Father and only knew church, didn't really know Jesus, contines to be found breathless in His Presence because He came for the lost. And I was lost. I don't have to be or pretend to be anything other than what I am, after all, He already knows. It's the getting me around other Christian's that I start to doubt my passion for the Savior. Sad.

  2. LOVED this post, Carolyn.... Great thoughts, great words, great points. I totally agree with you.

    My oldest daughter has befriended 2 lesbian girls at work. She told me the other day that she invited them to come for dinner sometime. As I think about it all I realize how much God has done in my heart. Years ago I would have judged them. Today I think... how can I show them love?

    Thank you for writing this. It was truly a beautiful heart post!



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