Monday, November 28, 2011

A Doll and a PSA

So... I was wondering what to write for my post tonight. It has not been a stellar day, but I did not want to write about it not being a stellar day, so...

I still had not figured out what to write when Hubby got home late. So I concentrated on opening the box with my new ragdoll in it. Does she look at all familiar?

I just did not think that would be enough for a post though. I thought I had seen all of the mail when Hubby calls from the kitchen, "Honey, do you want this card from Hookers for Jesus?" Silly man. Of course, I want the card from Hookers for Jesus. It was a lovely card that thanked me for my donation. They even included a  little Hookers for Jesus sticker that looks like this:

I was thrilled to hear from them, but still no closer to knowing what to write about. I sat down at the computer and decided to check my email to kill a little bit more time. What do you know, but I have an email from Hookers for Jesus waiting for me with the November newsletter in it. I would say that you don't have to tell me twice, but evidently you do. I get it now, though.

I came across Hookers for Jesus by following a link from a link from a link (or something like that). Since I knew that Jesus liked to hang out with prostitutes and thieves, I was intrigued. I read Annie Lobert's story (she is the founder) and heard her speak on a webcast. I fell in love with the whole thing. Jesus' work being done by women who have credibility with the women they are trying to save! It's awesome! They help women from the sex industry change their lives for the better. They have a safe house called the Destiny House and evidently God has decided it is time for that program to expand. I am so thrilled!

Now it is a fact that this is not my area of expertise. (I gave away things instead of selling them.) So while I support the work that Annie and her team are doing, I am not the one who can best inform you about them. They can probably do that best themselves. Would you please go visit the Hookers for Jesus website? I cannot say the site is family friendly, only because rescuing sex workers is not a family service opportunity (for most families, that is - maybe yours is different). But the site does not have any pornographic content or tempting words/photos. 

You might be called to help these women; you  might not be. Either way, could you please say a little prayer for their work?

Linking up with Jen and the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. Let's go over there and see what others have to say!


PS. I want to remind you that you still have time to enter the Second Official Ragamuffin Giveaway! I am giving away a copy of Brennan Manning's All is Grace. You can find all of the details here. This is Brennan's last book, so you don't want to miss it!

I'm also linking to a blog hop for The Twelve Causes of Christmaswhich is being hosted by Joy In This Journey. It is an awesome way to think about the people that Jesus came to save as we also think about His birth.


  1. Carolyn, you should like this post up here:

    Lots of love to you this holiday season.

  2. What a great idea and ministry. Going to check it out.

  3. @Brandee, I did enjoy that post! Thanks for sharing! Love to you this holiday season too. I always enjoy it when you show up here.

    @Shanda, glad to "see" you again! Definitely a ministry worth checking out. As a woman, it is painful to think about, but that is why I support the people that God has fitted out to do the work. They know it better than I. Bless them all. And you too!

  4. Carolyn, you should definitely link this post up on the 12 Causes for Christmas blog hop. Feel free to add the code to this post, too! And thank you for writing about this fantastic ministry!

  5. It is always encouraging to hear of ministry right in the trenches and ways that we can help.

    I just read your comment on my blog about your pink Christmas tree. The year that my mom died, I just did a small tree. I photo copied all of my favorite pictures of her and added a ribbon and hung them on my "hallie tree." It was a great joy to me everytime I looked at the tree.

    Praying for you as you grieve this Christmas season.


  6. I know that doll... it's YOU!
    The ministry sounds like a magnificent outreach. Will check it out.

  7. @Jennifer, isn't the doll wonderful? I don't know how she found aqua, dotted fabric, but she did such a great job!

    @Joy, I've never done a hop, but I'll see if I can figure it out.

    @Glenda, that is a beautiful idea! I'll talk to Charles about it.

    @Janice, it is me, isn't it? I want pink hair so badly I could spit, but the job... thanks for looking in HFJ. It is an awesome, much-needed ministry!

  8. hahaha...the sad thing is, Carolyn, I didn't mean to type "like." I meant to type "LINK." You should link your post up, there. Because yours is a worthy cause. xo


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